Sanitizing Protocol

All our employees, especially our servicemen are subjected to a strict sanitizing protocol. This ensures we are protected which ensures you are protected

Our protocol procedure is as follows:

On The Job

  • Face masks to be worn when talking to people
  • Face mask to be worn whilst inside a customer’s house
  • Personal sanitizing by washing hands or applying a 70% alcohol sanitizer after the following events:
  •           -Entering our office
  •           -Exiting our office
  •           -Before exiting our vehicle onsite
  •           -If offered by customer
  •           -Before handing out business card or writing receipts
  •           -After receiving payment from customer
  •           -After entering our vehicle onsite
  •           -Before consuming food and/or beverages

At Our Office

  • Surface sanitizing of high traffic items (kettle, water cooler, computers etc.) every morning
  • Surface sanitizing of reception area after each visitor
  • Full microbial fogging of office once a week using our SABS approved super concentrated disinfectant
  • Full sanitizing of vehicles twice a week using a SABS approved super concentrated disinfectant
  • Change face masks at the end of each day